Employee Benefits

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“Play or Pay”? Or “Play and Pay”?

Understanding how PPACA impacts the success and succession of your company from an IRS perspective is critical. Many tend to think of PPACA as a healthcare law. We tend to think of it as a healthcare law wrapped in a landmark revisions of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Do you understand the difference between “Play or Pay” provisions and “Play and Pay” provisions? That is a starting point for where we go for 2014 and beyond. We leverage professionals who are steeped in both PPACA and the Internal Revenue Code to find the optimal solution for each unique organizational situation.

Exchange Solutions

If a group medical plan no longer is feasible, our Private Exchange solution provides employees a soft landing into the individual marketplace. Our Private Exchange solution provides access to individual policies for employees and their dependents from the Federal and State exchanges. Our Exchange enables employees to take advantage of available federal subsidies. Employee’s consult with our experts to tailor their own health plans.

Our Private Exchange solution enables employers to:

  • Attract and retain good employees
  • Offer flexible and affordable benefit plans that all of your employees will qualify for
  • Maximize on tax savings without administrative headaches

Traditional Benefits Programs

Choosing the right employee benefits program for your employees can be an exacting task. We focus on developing a well-rounded, cost-effective solution—a solution that both you and your employees will appreciate. We listen, understand and take the time to approach your company’s situation from your perspective—managing the delicate balance between the corporate bottom line and the needs of employees.

We take the role as an advisor, sitting on your side of the table. We advise on plan design, carrier selection, exchange based or non-exchange based medical plans, ancillary benefits, administrative solutions for HRIS and HR consulting. We utilize resources that deliver the fundamental “blocking and tackling” tasks plus COBRA administration, on call HR guidance from PHR and SPHR certified professionals, and training courses in HR Employment, Workplace Safety, Harassment, Environmental, Customer Service, and Wellness.